NU Holds Dhikr and Prayer Together for Rohingya Muslims

 Branch Manager of Nahdlatul Ulama (PCNU) of Sumedang District held a dhikr and prayer together for the salvation of ethnic spirits. The dhikr and prayer were held in the Sumedang PCNU Hall on Thursday (14/9), and attended by Head of Kemenag Sumedang, PCNU management, MWC NU board, institutions, banom, some mass organizations, and some communities.

Before this prayer and dhikr started, PCNU Chairman Sumedang H Sa'dulloh said that this prayer and dhikr activity is a form of NU Sumedang's concern about our sodaraka in Burma who is experiencing difficulties.

"Muslims in Rohingya are currently in trouble and desperately need a helping hand and prayers from all of us as a form of concern for our fellow Muslims," ​​Sadulloh said.

This series of dhikr and prayer activities began on Thursday morning with a sima'an Al-Qur'an 30 juz. Sema'an Al-Quran finished until the time of prayer maghrib.

After the maghrib activities continued by reading barzanji, shalawat, and ending with dhikr istighotsah and prayer together which is devoted to the safety of Moslem Rohingya.

This activity is also used for fundraising. All who attended were asked to give their money sincerely. The money will be collected in LAZISNU, then will be distributed to Rohingya.

"Hopefully our brother who is in Rohingya can be helped, the problems he faces quickly completed, and can come back to life and worship quietly," lid Sa'dulloh.


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