Mining Companies in Central Kalimantan Complain About Local Government Charges

The levy on behalf of the Central Kalimantan Provincial Government's contribution from coal production is complained by a number of coal mining companies in the Barito River area of ​​Kalteng.

Social activist in North Barito regency, Central Kalimantan, Teddy Sambas revealed that the donation charged by the Central Kalimantan Provincial Government reaped many complaints from investors and companies. Because nominalnya fairly large.

"Even exceeds the obligation of royalties paid," Teddy said in a release statement, today.

Known companies are asked Central Kalimantan provincial government to deposit funds according to coal calories. This is in accordance with Central Kalimantan Governor Regulation No. 27/2017 issued since 31 July 2017 on Guidelines for Implementation of Reception and Management of Third Party Contributions to the Central Kalimantan Provincial Government.

Initially, donations requested low calorie or 5,100 kilo calories per kilogram of Rp15,000 per metric ton, for medium calories or 5,100 to 6,100 kilos of calories per kilogram of Rp30,000 per metric ton, while for high calories or more than 6,100 kilos calories per kilogram of Rp50,000 per metric ton. But strangely, continued Teddy, Central Kalimantan provincial government even averse to issue mining documents.

"As a result of the last month there is no barge that sailing, although Barito River waters are currently in the water level above normal means that the barge can still sail," he said.

Later, added Teddy, the requested donations continue to rise. The details are for the low calorie to Rp7.500, the moderate calorie Rp15.000 and the low calorie Rp26.000.

Teddy admitted to being surprised by the sudden increase in the value of the donations. For that, it urged the Central Kalimantan Provincial Government to fix itself.

"Because the service at the Central Kalimantan Mineral Resources Energy Office is chaotic and very burdensome investment," he said.

One coal miner with initials KA confirmed that he and his colleagues other mining entrepreneurs are complaining about the levy of donations that the amount increased unilaterally. It should be, according to him whose name donations are given by donors voluntarily without any pressure whatsoever.

"This is even pegged based on calories, so this is very burdensome because one barge collected an average of Rp250 million," he said.

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