Margaluyu Village Residents Expect Ciherang River Drainage Improvement

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The village of Margaluyu is a lagging village, currently the village is passed by the Local Government Development Program and Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta namely TMMD 100 which will be built Road Inspector along 7,200 M, improvements of worship place and Rutilahu which aims to improve tarap life of society and Economy for the welfare of the People.

Tatang Kades Margaluyu, Kec.Kiarapedes hopes to the Regional Government and Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta in the implementation of Development through TMMD to 100 in order to set aside budget for the improvement of Drainage Ciherang River and Artesis Wells Creation for Residents this is done because Margaluyu people desperately need water for agriculture needs.

Carwita babinsa Margaluyu justify the matter related because in the dry season like this society the difficulty of Water for both society and agriculture.

Water Resources for Agriculture in Margaluyu Village are taken from Ciherang River but due to damage Drainage impacting Ciherang River Water does not reach Margaluyu Village, Said Babinsa. (R-09)

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