Legal and Agricultural Counseling Enhanced at TMMD Program

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Kasdim 0619 / Purwakarta Mayor Inf Tito M Harahap said that the implementation of TNI Manunggal Membangun Desa (TMMD) to 100 in Purwakarta Regency is one of the activities of Bhakti TNI which is an embodiment in order to alleviate people's difficulties through development, both physical and non physical.

Kasdim 0619 / Purwakarta when conducting a review to the location of TMMD in Kiarapedes Sub-district confirms that non-physical development carried out such as counseling in the form of legal counseling, health, agriculture and plantation as well as mental religion, while physical is in the form of facilities and infrastructure in the form of development infrastructure.

According to the Kasdim personnel who will be involved in the activities include 4th Cavalry Battalion, Battalion Armed 4 / Parahyangan, Yonzipur 3, TNI AU Members Lanud Surya Darma, Purwakarta Police, Community Organization (FKPPI Purwakarta, Pemuda Panca Marga, ) and other Communities. (R-06)

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