Komnas HAM: There are interests Election 2019 Behind the Discourse of Freezing KPK

Statement of the PDI-P politicians, Hendri Yosodiningrat about freezing the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) deserves thumbs up for opening a basic intentions or the actual destination formation Parliament inquiry committee to the Commission.

Commissioner of the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM), Natalius Pigai said, from the outset of the PDI-P, the parties supporting the government did have the intention unwise because not only strengthen the capacity of personnel, facilities and funding, but it appears the freezing of body butcher corrupt in the country.

"The question is when we want to build a clean government and authoritative, why did President Joko Widodo concrete steps to months KPK disturbed until the focus can not work," he asked.

He sees Jokowi tend to engage in imaging politics by issuing less productive statements, without any real action to save the KPK.

"Where is the real action as a President who holds the highest authority over the governance of the state and government," he criticized.

People, said Pigai, increasingly suspicious of President Jokowi inclined in line with party supporters who want to weaken or even control of the Commission to be used as a power tool, in particular the 2019 General Election.

"Does President Jokowi realize that there are certain judiciary institutions and intelligence agencies suspected by the people as party party or party political operators not working for the interests of the Indonesian nation and state," he said.

So it can be understood the statement of former President SBY that state institutions such as law enforcement and intelligence agencies and anti rasuah must be neutral in the interest of the state

"Do not let the people also start to suspect the President also likes to keep the noise and will eventually be present as a hero.We do not want to be like the oversleeping hero who always lives from imaging, we want concrete steps, fast, precise and measurable to save the marriage KPK," Pigai.

Whatever the reason, according to Pigai, currently the people are suspicious of the legislative body aka DPR to be a tool used by the corruptors, both political and government leaders to weaken the KPK.

The DPR should play a role in strengthening anti-fruition commissions through giving appreciation, increasing budgets, encouraging institutional strengthening, promoting quality improvement and supervision through meetings, working meetings, coordination meetings, limited meetings, and others.

Although admittedly the existence of KPK is a frightening specter for corruptors in this country. Capitalization of office and authority and its influence by state officials is almost systemic, massive, structured and even cultured.

Pigai warned that violations of economic, social and cultural rights with increasing poverty, ignorance, low health and socio-economic capacity of society are also supported by corruption, collusion and nepostism.

"At a time when people's confidence in this country is at a bad point, the KPK has become one of the institutions to guarantee that the country exists, guaranteeing legal certainty," said Pigai

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