It's a Small Merchant's Comment on the TMMD Program Problem

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The presence of TNI members in the framework of TNI Manunggal Village (TMMD) to-100 which in the title of Kodim 0619 Purwakarta, impact on traders.

Yuyun (31), a small trader from Mekarjaya Village, Kiarapedes Sub-district, said that there will be members of TNI in TMMD location, able to improve the economy of both small-scale and small-scale traders like him.

"Prior to the TNI Task Force members, we only earned the most Rp.100.000 / day, hoping that when there will be TMMD activities, we will get Rp 300,000 / day income We are very happy and hope with the presence of TNI members in the TMMD" said Yayang with a smile,

The presence of TNI members does not only improve the economy, yuyun continued, even the atmosphere at night will look crowded compared to before the program TMMD. Because the community joined the members of the TNI to just talk.

"Later in the evening the atmosphere in Mekarjaya was crowded because people with TNI members sat together to talk," he said. (R-01)

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