GMAKS Will Attend Law Efforts

Togog.Online | The Public Works Department (DPU) of South Tangerang City (Tangsel) has responded to the request letter from the Anti Moral Movement Moral Movement Association (GMAKS) related to the routine maintenance of roads and bridges in South Tangerang City.

GMAKS party is certainly very grateful to the response of the Tangsel City Public Works Department which has been aired by some mass media in Tangsel, but the stetmen issued by the Secretary of the Department of Public Works of Tangsel City related to the Kesbangpol GMAKS Registered Certificate (SKT) the good name of the Institute.

Chairman of GMAKS Saeful Bahri said, thanks to the response of Dians PU South Tangerang City with the news and hopefully this could become viral and make lessons for other Office related to public transparency in South Tangerang City.

"Not only NGOs or journalists, in the rules of every citizen also have the right to ask and participate to control and ask all government activities," he said on Tuesday (09/12/2017).

Related to the errors of the letter, Saeful explained, from the beginning has been revised but until this month and until the news is busy there has been no response.

"I have tried to communicate to the Head of Dinas and Sekdis through SMS or telephone directly, but there is no response even there is no explanation related to SOP procedures, and essentially open or not to the public," he said.

Saeful continued, it will hold accountable for the statement from the Department through Sekdis PU South Tangerang City who has suspected SKT Kesbangpol GMAKS is not valid.

"We will take legal action on the statement that has suspected SKT Perkumpulan GMAKS is not valid and Sekdis DPU Tangsel City should be cooperative in receiving letters from the public," he added. (R-007)

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