GMAKS Mention There Deviations, Department of Public Works Tangsel Panic

The busy news of Public Works Department (DPU) of South Tangerang City (Tangsel) related to public disclosure letter sent by Anti-Crime Society Movement Society (GMAKS), Head of Information Commission (KI) of Banten Maksur Province is considered to make unilateral statement without making confirmation on the GMAKS party.

It is unfortunate that GMAKS, KI Banten Province which should give an example either in providing a written information or orally to the public, is now suspected to look like a siding.

GMAKS Chairman Saeful Bahri said the KIP of Banten Province should be a good example and benchmark for the institution or company providing information.

"So it is natural that now many circulated hoax information, if the Information Commission has provided information without any confirmation to the two sides even aired on the official website KIP," he said, Friday (15/09/2017).

Saeful also explained that before the statement of GMAKS was aired by some media, the Tangsel City Public Works Department never asked or notified the shortage of GMAKS requirements in the request for information.

"Supposedly if there is a lack of the MPW can provide direction about the lack of it, because the matter of signatures and stamps have been revised, so if it is like this, what's wrong with the Office of Public Works Tangsel City with transpransi use of the money," he explained.

Saeful suspect with the news that has been played by the Tangsel PU of Tangsel City like wanting to drop the Institute of GMAKS and the Tangsel City Public Works like panicked, so that the stetmennya show in some media.

"The media should help us in informing the public about the use of the budget in the Public Works Office and we have also sent a rebuttal to some media that broadcast the news, but not aired, so what's with them," he said.

Responding to the stance of Chairman of KI Province of Banten is busy reported, GMAKS plans to conduct a demonstration in the Office of KIP Banten Province in the near future.

"GMAKS will inquire and ask for responsibility for the stetmen and news viewing on KIP's official website, because it has harmed the good name of GMAKS Institution which is now its SKT is still valid," he explained.

While in a separate place, Chairman of KIP Banten Province Max said, ordinary people can ask for information public disclosure by just bringing Photo Copy Identity Card (KTP).

"Coming to PPID in Dinas by preparing Photo ID card then fill the application form and if not ditangapi can be disputed in KI," he explained.

Maksur also explained, when confirmed it was not told chronologically the problem by the questioner.

"Who asked me not to talk about NGO GMAKS, he asked only if there is an NGO," he explained.

As has been reported, the GMAKS has revised the letter and has made a communication effort to the Head of Service and Secretariat of the Office (Sekdis) PU of Tangsel City via SMS or direct telephone connection, the City of Tangsel PU did not respond or provide answers related to the letter of permononan public information GMAKS is not procedural. (R-007)

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