Fire Department Lower the Extension Team at TMMD

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Fire and Disaster Prevention Agency (DPKPB) Purwakarta District prepared two teams as a counselor for handling natural disasters in the 100th Manunggal Membangun Desa (TMMD) in Wanawali Village and Margaluyu Village.

Both teams will bring a different theme, which is about the disaster of fire and other natural disasters, such as land movement.

Two major themes about this natural disaster, according to the Head of DPKPB Purwakarta Wahyu Wibisono, is very important. Because most of Purwakarta Regency area is prone to natural disaster, such as fire and land movement. Even some locations including the red zone, or ground movement is quite high.

"During the dry season, very intense fire disaster occurred in Purwakarta. In a day there are often two fires. In fact, some time ago up to seven cases of fire occurred in a day, "said Wahyu.

On average, fire incidents occur not only in residential areas, but also in existing forests. For the zonation, dominant fires occur in the vicinity of industrial areas, namely on the empty lot of grassland.

Meanwhile, when the rainy season, the movement of the land becomes a threat. Often landslides occur in the red zone of ground movement. In the area, the contour of the soil is a type of clay that has a fairly high lincir field.

Thus, he continued, disaster counseling in the 100th TMMD activities, these two teams will be focused on providing understanding to the community anticipation of natural disasters, such as fire and land movement. In addition also provides an understanding of the signs of nature in case of natural disasters. (Hadi)

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