Fadli Zon: HGB Island D Entrance Category Abuse Of Power!

House Deputy Speaker Fadli Zon called the issuance of Building D. Rights (HGB) of D island in Jakarta bay as extraordinary legal acrobat, could lead to abuse of power.

He noted that instead of imposing sanctions on developers who have committed legal violations in the reclamation process, as well as development stages on reclaimed islands, before the moratorium is lifted, the government now surrenders the HGB to them.

"It's an act that hurts common sense and disturbs the sense of community justice," Fadli criticized in his written statement to the editorial on Sunday (3/9).

According to Fadli, there are several reasons for issuance of Island D HBGs to be questioned.

First, he said, the government is inconsistent with the moratorium on reclamation. Moreover, the islands C and D, also the island of G, until now its position is still sealed by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, for violating permits related to IMB, Amdal, and a number of other provisions.

Second, this could be a bad precedent for law enforcement in spatial politics, especially for cases involving major developers. By issuing HGB, the government seems to justify the developers to work on the project first before they take care of its licensing.

"This is a danger and our political spatial policy will be dictated by developers," he said.

"Do not forget, outside the reclamation polemic we are also facing issues related to licensing of the Meikarta project, which according to West Java Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar the licensing is incomplete." HGB D island is really a bad precedent, "he said.

Third, continued Fadli, administratively the issuance of HGB Island D is also suspected of containing many defects. This HGB, for example, he said, is said to be published only one day after the letter of land is given.

"This is a super-lightning process that does not make sense, and it is also issued by the North Jakarta Land Office, whereas the land area of ​​HGB-kan reaches 3.12 million square meters," he explained.

As per the Regulation of Head of National Land Agency 2/2013, Fadli continued, Land Office can only give HGB of land up to 20 thousand square meters.

"So how does a land office at the city / district level give HGB more than three square meters of land ?! Even a provincial land canal only as a rule can only provide maximum HGB for 150,000 square meters of land," Fadli questioned .

In addition, according to Fadli, irregularities can also be seen from the HGB certificate was only given to one developer company. In fact, in accordance with Circular Letter (SE) Minister of Agriculture / Head of BPN No. 500-1698 dated July 14, 1997, it is mentioned if the application for location permit and land rights covering the whole of an island is not permitted.

"Well, this is a reclamation island whose licensing is problematic, the HGB is simply handed over to one developer, it really hurts the common sense and sense of community justice," he said.

"If spatial violations are committed by the small people, they face directly with police, law enforcement and bulldozers, but if the spatial violations are committed by large developers, they get permission, forgiveness, and even then get privileges," he appealed.

Beyond the issue of law enforcement and justice, he also captured the impression that the government, both central and DKI Jakarta provinces, in recent months is actually doing a running run so before October all the legal necessity to resume the reclamation project has been completed.

"As we know, the Election of DKI in February was won by Anies-Sandi couples, one of the programs is the termination of reclamation project. Both are also keen to change the function of troubled island reclamation, from the original residential area and expensive business, then will be used as green open space. Well, I see a number of important decisions related to reclamation released by the government lately raced with the time of the inauguration of Anies and Sandi in October. That is why, although the process does not make sense, such as the provision of HGB, the government closes the eyes, "he explained.

He believes that after this HGB is granted, the next is environmental clearance and amdal for troubled reclaimed islands will also be soon granted, and a reclamation moratorium will soon be lifted by the government.

According to him, the Minister of Agriculture and the Governor of DKI need to clarify this issue.

"This problem is not just a matter of ordinary agraria, but it is included in the category of abuse of power, we can not allow this to happen," said the Vice Chairman of the DPP Gerindra Party.

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