District Government Appreciation TNI Care on Village Development

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The opening ceremony of TNI Manunggal Village (TMMD) to 100 which is centered in Kampung Campaka Isna Desa Margaluyu District Kiarapedes opened by the Vice Regent Purwakarta, Dadan Koswara.

When opening the event, Dadan said that he appreciated the readiness of TNI members from Kodim 0619 in carrying out road development activities through the TMMD program. The road is built along the 7.2 kilometers it connects two districts namely, District Kiarapedes and District Cibatu.

"We from the local government appreciate the readiness of the TNI in helping the government program to build together, this is a form of synergy or good cooperation, between the TNI and the Government," said Dadan Koswara.

Dadan also felt amazed at the TNI's very caring role in implementing village development. (R)

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