Danramil Wanayasa: 7,000 Personnel Will Attend in the 100th TMMD Opening

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A total of 7,000 community members and members of the TNI will attend the opening of the 100th Manunggal Membangun Desa (TMMD) in Margaluyu Village, Kiarapedes Sub-District, Purwakarta District, on September 27, 2017.

According to the agenda, a number of important officials in the Purwakarta Regency Government will also attend.

"We have prepared everything so that the opening of TMMD can run smoothly, including mobilizing the masses to participate in the event," said Koramil Captain Culinary Commander Wahyu Widodo.

For the Koramil Wanayasa, he mentioned, he also mobilized the masses from a number of community components, including students, mass organizations and other components outside TNI personnel.

They are certainly present and ready to succeed the opening of TMMD-100. An estimated 1,500 people from the Wanayasa Koramil are deployed. Not only present, the masses who attend it will be partly involved during the TMMD program takes place.

Meanwhile, some officials were confirmed to be present, one of whom is the Head of PKK Team Purwakarta District, Anne Ratna Mustika.

According to him, he will be present in the opening. "Insha Allah is present at the TMMD event," said Anne. (R-01)

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