Danramil 1904 / Cempaka Do Dor to Dor Socialization

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"To carry out TMMD to 100 in the area of ​​Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta maximally I have made several meetings with the community of Wanawali Village kec.Cibatu Kab.Purwakarta, but this has not felt perfect because it hit by SDM Wanawali Village considering most of the village community Wanawali Petani , "said Dan Ramil 1904 / Cempaka Captain Arm Lukman.

To that end, he added, in order to maximize the Socialization of TMMD to 100 Danramil 1904 / Cempaka TMMD 100 to socialize through Dor to dor to the house community of Wanawali Village.

This is justified by Agus Babinsa Cibatu, indeed during this Danramil 1904 / Cempaka to maximize the socialization of TMMD to 100 to socialize the dor to dor. The step is done so that the people of Wanawali Village understand correctly the purpose and purpose in the implementation of TMMD by Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta and can assist in the implementation later. (R-09)

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