Dandim 0619 Purwakarta: TMMD Create Prosperity

Togog.Online | The village that used to be only stones and uneven, then also difficult to pass the vehicle will now be transformed into a road that is suitable for use by the community.

The road is located in the area of Mekar Jaya Village Cibatu District - Margaluyu Village Kecamatan kiara pedes through the program of Army Manunggal build village (TMMD).

"TMMD program is implemented with the aim of helping the village government to realize the welfare of the community and the progress of the region, TMMD activity is a form of synergy between the TNI and the Government in this case Purwakarta District Government," said Dandim 0619 Purwakarta Lieutenant Colonel Inf Ari Maulana.

In addition to members of the TNI also involves various elements of the Police, FKPPI, PPM, Karang Taruna and local residents, Dandim hopes all parties involved in the Pre TMMD to-100 can work with iklas and really sunguh. (R)

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