Buffalo Farmers are Pleased with TMMD Program

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With the 100th TMMD plan implemented by Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta, apparently also in cross border trade business.

It was acknowledged by Haji Dayat buffalo city, villagers Cipulus Nagrog Village, subdistrict wanayasa in conversation with journalists, today.

"We are very happy because we know that this TMMD program is the creation of road access that connects Wanawali Village, Cibatu Subdistrict to Desa Margaluyu Kec.Kiarapedes," he explained cheerfully.

According to him, with the new access road is clearly making it easier to carry out the mobility of buying and selling buffalo that usually use the detours (Margaluyu- Wanayasa- Pondok salam- Pasawahan and Purwakarta).

"If it is a good way it does not need to rotate, live directly out Cibatu to Pasar Senin Purwakarta," he said. (R-06)

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