Approaching Pilkada 2018 PPK Kiarapedes Expect Road Repair

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By 2018 Purwakarta people have started dihebohkan in the election of candidates for regents and vice regents. Proven now even though still in the year 2017 many photographs of candidates who will run in the election event later.

"I appreciate and also thank TMMD Purwakarta Kodim activities in our area because it can help the development of Kiarapedes District in particular". Said Mr. Jejen when confirmed.

In addition to one of the community leaders, Jejen once served as Chairman of PPK Kecamatan Kiarapedes in the 2014 election. Where one of the obstacles in the field of Jejen know exactly that is the push of logistics to each TPS which of course is quite far away and road access is still not hardened.

"Hopefully, the path will be straightened out, so that the logistics drive and team control from PPK will be easier, although I personally do not necessarily take part in KDP team next year but I know exactly the field constraints like that". "He concluded. (R-9)

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