Apparently, TMMD Program ogled Investor

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Wanawali Village community in fulfilling the daily life for the family in addition to farming one of them depends on the manufacture of building materials from wood or furniture entrepreneur.

Mr. Cecep is one of the timber entrepreneurs located not far from the location that will be used as TMMD Ke 100 program which will be implemented by regional unit of Kodim 0619 Purwakarta.

"Hopefully with the connecting road from Wanawali to Kiarapedes Sub-district can help my furniture business, because the road is often passed by bringing wood from the mountain or delivering wooden orders to the residents' houses," he explained.

The existence of a good road in addition to accelerate the economic growth of the surrounding community can certainly attract investors from outside Purwakarta. It is evident that most investors who buy land in the Wanawali area from outside Purwakarta, where the land prices Wanawali region has started to jump rapidly as road access improves. (R-09)

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