About Salt, Government Should Have Dared to Invest More

Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission IV Edhy Prabowo is very optimistic salt farmers are able to realize self-sufficiency in national salt.

"But the problem is when we talk about people salt, consumption salt always dichotomized, always separated" said Edhy when reviewing salt land of people of Regency of Cirebon, West Java, Thursday (7/09).

Edhy said the salt imports that the government is still doing should not happen. The potential of salt in Indonesia is very big, it's just that the governance is not right yet.

"We see Germany that the sun is not as much as Indonesia, the length of the beach is not as long as Indonesia, but they can produce a lot to export, why do not we?" said the elite of this Gerindra Party.

If the debated issue is clean or not the result of local salt products, according to Edhy it only needs special attention in the investment of production and processing equipment better.

"I know the CTF (Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries) is concerned about it, but it is not enough until the CTF only, all stakeholders should do it like trade, industry as well," he said.

Edhy added the government should dare to invest more to promote the local salt industry. Including also revive the national salt company, PT. Salt.

"We have PT Salt but why is it as a complement," insisted sarcastically.

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