Abah Wasid: No Great Institution Unites the People Except TNI

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Abah Wasid Purwakarta community figures argue indeed very extraordinary program TMMD Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta, behind the bustle of food security assistance now there are active again TMMD program to 100 roads along 7.5 km with 5 mtr width that connects keces kiara pedes and cibatu very helpful once for the community.

According to Abah Wasid who is also a farmer of cikadu village said the farmers will be easy to bring crops if the access road is open.

"Economic growth in wana and marganasyu wana villages will be rapid because access is easy, I pray that this road infrastructure development will be done through TMMD," he said.

"Currently there is no more great institution and united with the people, except TNI that I feel present at this time, success always Kodim 0619 / purwakarta" Do the best keep on the spirit "," he said. (Hadi)

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