Walhi: Do not Have Permit, Meikarta Project Should Be Halted

The Meikarta city development project in Cikarang district has been operated since 2015. This means that it has been running for two years now, with a total area of ​​2,200 ha, equal to 3 sub-districts in urban areas.

Kota Meikarta is a new city to be built after Jababeka, Delta Mas and Suryacipta in Bekasi-Karawang area.

Executive Director of Walhi West Java Dadan Ramdan explained that referring to the Regional Spatial Plan (RTRW) of West Java 2009-2029 and RTRW of Bekasi Regency in 2011-2031, the development of Meikarta city is not included in the spatial and regional plan included in the appendix of the regional plan map.

Dadang explained that it is true that in RTRW Kabupaten bekasi there is a regional development function in Cikarang area but the word Dadang is not for the development of Meikarta LIPPO urban project area of ​​2,200 ha. From the spatial aspect, not only must be in accordance with the RTRW, the Meikarta project must also be in accordance with the Urban Spatial Detail Plan (RDTRK) and have a Building and Environmental Management Plan (RTBL).

"As far as we know, the meikarta project is not based on the RDTRK document yet and has no RTBL, based on the fact that RTRW and RDTR of Bekasi Regency are still in the process of revision," Dadang said in a written statement to the editor, Saturday (19/8)

Walhi West Java considered that in addition to be in accordance with the rules of spatial and territory, the development of urban areas Meikarta with a very large city must be in accordance with environmental rules.

"The development of Meikarta city should be equipped with strategic environmental assessment (KLHS), not only with amdal, especially amdal-amdalan," said Dadang.

With the lack of clarity on spatial and regional licensing information, and not completing environmental documents and environmental permits, the city project should be stopped. LIPPO developers groups as large developers must comply with and comply with spatial and environmental laws, not just wake up let alone already promote in various public media both print and electronic.

Walhi West Java assess, meikarta project will change the vast landscape, requires considerable water and energy. Thus, in the future it will have a big social and environmental impact not only for the region in Cikarang but also to other areas in Bekasi Regency. South Cikarang, North and East areas are prone to flooding in the rainy season and drought in the dry season.

Considering spatial and environmental laws of future social, economic and environmental impacts, Walhi West Java does not agree with the development of meikarta city and requested the Government of Bekasi and West Java Provincial Government to stop the development plan of meikarta city and conduct an investigative audit on the permit of urban development New Meikarta.

"We are also urging the cessation of meikarta promotion in various print and electronic media, because it violates the rules and business ethics," Dadang said.

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