Unique Tradition of Moving House Bugis Tribe

Stage House has been widely adapted by traditional houses of various tribes in Indonesia, for example Rumah Aceh, Rumah Gadang Minangkabau, Rumah Joglo, Rumah Lamin, Tongkonan House, Baileo House, and including Bugis tribal house.

The shape of the house which extends backward, with the addition beside the main building and the front, and has a prism-shaped roof, has its own meaning for the Bugis.

According to the Bugis, more houses than shelter or shelter with all its beauty, but also a sacred item. The home is a sacred space where the inhabitants experience, are born, marry, die, as well as other social and worship activities.

The Bugis also believe that the universe is divided into three parts: the upper (botting langi), the middle (alang tenga), and the lower (peretiwi). And from this belief that is finally reflected into the structure of a typical Bugis stage house.

Bugis stage structure consists of the upper part (rakkeang) which is usually used to store newly harvested rice, the middle (ale ball): the part where the dwelling, and the bottom or under (awa ball) that serves to avoid Wild animal attacks to rise to the top, or in the present day used to place private vehicles.

Behind their philosophical home, uniquely, the building of this house is made loose, so it can be moved from one place to another. And this is the main attraction for the people of other regions.

In the Bugis tradition, the tradition of moving the house is called the Mappalette Ball. There are two ways to move a house. First is by way of pushing. This is done when the new home position, adjacent to the old house position. While the second, by way of lifted. This method is used, if the distance of the new home position is quite far from the old house position.

Before this is done, there are preparations made by the homeowner, such as conducting a ritual salvation, lowering household furniture that is easily broken, moveable, or that can affect the weight of the house at the time of transplanting, to installing bamboo on the legs of the house on stilts as Grip and holder for carrying.

Before the house is moved, people who will help, usually hosted by the owner of the house. Bugis typical snacks such as bacon cake, baronggo, suwella, and a cup of hot tea and coffee, will be presented in front of the adam who will help the tradition. The second meal is served after the move is completed. This is in return for their assistance in moving the house, and as a "cure" tired after working hard. Typical food that served this is a soup of siblings, and milkfish are given a spice peanut sauce. Bugis people consider, after this process is a celebration or a big party.

Homeowners usually practice this tradition because the land used to build a house on stilts has been sold, so they move their house to a new place.

After the house was moved to a new location, and was one year old, then a ceremony called Maccera Bola was held. This ceremony aims to reject the unlucky plague or fate in a new place by sweeping chicken blood on the poles of the house. In practice, the ceremony is led by a local shaman or artisan who builds a house on stilts.

Source: Intisari from various sources

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