TNI Commander: Seeds Intolerance Intentionally Designed Foreign

The young generation of Indonesia should be the pioneer in implementing the values ​​of Pancasila in everyday life, so that the unity and unity of the nation is maintained in the NKRI.

This was said by the TNI Commander in front of the media crew after giving a speech at the 72nd Anniversary of Independence of Indonesia with the theme "Rising Moves, Youth of Indonesia Majukan Bangsa" in Gedung Mawar Balai Kartini, South Jakarta, Monday (14/8).

According to the TNI Commander, based on the history and cultural anthropology, the Indonesian nation including its youth is a collection of knights and patriots. The Indonesian people must be intact and can not be divided as long as the young people practice Pancasila.

"Let us jointly implement the values ​​of Pancasila in the joints of life, so that the younger generation participate in maintaining the Unity in Diversity and the unity and unity of the nation," he said.

TNI General Gatot further said that foreign countries are very interested to weaken the unity and integrity of Indonesia so that they can easily divide the country through intolerance. The issue of intolerance is considered very appropriate for pitting the nation of Indonesia's large population, the largest archipelagic country with 17 thousand Islands, 34 Provinces, 714 Ethnic and 1,100 local languages.

"We must realize that Indonesia is a big and strong country," he said.

"Currently, the seeds of intolerance have begun to be felt and certainly designed by foreign parties, intolerance is a way to divide Indonesia in order to control the abundant natural resources.This is what Indonesia now faces," added the TNI Commander.

Related to the Joint Prayer event on 17 August 2017 at 17.00, Gatot said that the independence of the Indonesian nation thanks to the services of the fighters who believe in God Almighty and have a lofty desire for independence.

"The joint prayer activity on 17 17 17 which will be held coincides with the anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia to-72 as a form of implementation of the First Sila Pancasila namely Belief in God Almighty," he explained.

"So at the time of the decline of the flag dated August 17, 2017, I appeal to all people to pray according to their respective religions to request that Grace and Hidayah God Almighty is still given to the nation of Indonesia for more affection and can build this country with calm.

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