TNI Air Force will Own New Generation Sukhoi Combat Aircraft

TNI Air Force plans to add 11 new Sukhoi fighter aircraft to strengthen Indonesia's air defense. The aircraft claimed to be better than the currently-owned Sukhoi F5 fleet is known as a plus-plus aircraft because it has several advantages including more powerful engines as well as radar and weapon compatibility with the latest electronic devices.

KSAU Marshal TNI Hadi Tjahjanto told reporters after completing speech in front of new students of UGM, Monday (7/8/2017) said that the latest Sukhoi purchase plan is still in the Ministry of Defense.

TNI AU according to KSAU only gives recommendations and specification details for later given to the Ministry of Defense and Commander of the TNI.

"We are passing on the specifications, the 4.5-plus-plus generation Sukhoi where the new spek plane has the capability to maneuver beyond any other aircraft we currently have, and if it is already signed it will ideally arrive within the next one to two years," he said.

Although allocated to substitute squadron Sukhoi F5 Madiun, but 11 Sukhoi aircraft generation 4.5 plus this according to KSAU will be placed temporarily in Lanud Makassar. This is due to the absence of infrastructure Madiun Lanud for new aircraft hangar.

"This new aircraft will be used to substitute the F5 Squadron in Madiun but temporarily because the infrastructure in Madiun not ready for us to place in Makassar while waiting," said KSAU.

From search, Sukhoi 4.5 plus is a development of Sukhoi 27 which has also been owned by Indonesia as many as 30 aircraft. Sukhoi called this new aircraft SU-35 which has a new kitchen such as multi-mode radar, infrared detector and weapons that have been upgraded.

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