TNI AD Showcase combat equipment to the public

A number of heavy combat vehicles belonging to Kodiklat TNI AD were deployed and shown to the general public after the ceremony on 17 August.

From the start of the latest Tank type Leopard, Murder, AMX13, Anoa, Tarantula to VW ancient military vehicles took part in a convoy of vehicles of war held in front of Gedung Sate yesterday.

Kodiklat commander of Army Lt Gen. Agus Kriswanto said that the deployment of vehicles owned by TNI AD yesterday was intentionally done to enliven Indonesia's 72nd anniversary of independence.

In addition, these activities also as a form to show the public to know the arsenal possessed by the army during this time. That way, it is hoped that it will be a pride for the Innagainans to have a capable combat equipment.

"Yesterday we invite the general public to ride the vehicle rollicking, the goal to share feel and feel the ownership and love of this nation," said Agus when met recently.

Agus said in addition to the convoy of combat vehicles, other offerings from Kodiklat is the appearance of a socio-drama that tells the spirit of the fighters first in the fight to expel the invaders.

"It also reminds the public that the services of the heroes should not be forgotten. Because, they are fighting for independence at the expense of body and soul, "he said.

In addition to Sosio Drama keroncong music presented by a team from Kodiklat TNI AD also adds to the drift of the atmosphere as it re-sank during the struggle first. Plus, the specialties of regional cuisine add complementary taste of Indonesia.

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