Tifatul Sembiring Praying for Jokowi to get Fat

The prayer Tifatul Sembiring in the MPR RI Annual Session this morning got the spotlight. Explicitly, he prayed that the body of President Jokowi be fattened.

After the trial to reporters, Tifatul explain the contents of his prayer because of the burden of the task of the state that must be carried Jokowi as president.

"To bear the burden it needs a strong physical, healthy, the point is to get there, I observe the thinner, so I pray for the fat," said the legislator from the Prosperous Justice Party Faction, Wednesday (16/8) .

Titaful made absolutely sure there was not any tendency in his prayer. But certainly, the prayer was prepared itself and has been reported to the Chairman of the Assembly, Zulkifli Hasan since three days ago.

"It has been written and it has been reported to the Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly, that three days earlier it has been donated, it is okay," he said.

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