The role of JK in ABB Treatment at the Hospital

The Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) team met with Vice President Jusuf Kala (JK) last July. The goal, to apply for Medical Check Up (MCU) against Abu Bakar Ba'asyir (ABB).

"The process, a bit long, we (the team of doctors) meet the Vice President, ask for help eased the MCU process.If it is submitted via mail, it can not work.Excellent bureaucracy," said team leader MER-C doctor Joserizal Jurnalis after a press conference at MER headquarters -C, Saturday (12/8).

After being approved by JK, the team of doctors finally referred ABB to the Heart of Hope Hospital, on Wednesday (9/8) afternoon.

"So, he (ABB) departed on Wednesday afternoon, escorted by MER-C, as well as the security apparatus," explained Rizal.

At that time, Rizal had asked the security to be low profile. Given, the leadership of the Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI) is only doing regular MCU.

"I ask, low profile apparatus, not using equipment, Baracuda and others, so as not to disturb other patients in hospital because only MCU," he said.

Apparatus, he continued, suggested wearing a suit ala United States agent. Such as, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Enough with a suit and weapons that are not too flashy.

During the hospital, ABB actually get escort from the prison as the super maximum security prisoners.

Apparatus actually wearing complete attributes, helmets, bulletproof vests and long barrel weapons. Including while keeping the outside area of ​​the room where ABB treated.

"But, what can be done instead of being guarded by a long barrel when (securing) in the ustadz's room, maybe we should take the officers to Lebanon," he regrets.

As is known, ABB undergo MCU, on Thursday (10/8). Doctors diagnose, there is a disruption of blood flow behind the clogged up causing his legs to swell. As he complained during the prisons of Mount Sindur, Bogor, West Java.

Based on the results of MCU, ABB also diagnosed the heart and other abdominal functions. However, ABB is still allowed to stay out of care. With a record of having to control back next month.

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