Siti Zuhro: The President's Performance Report Does Not Allude to the Mental Revolution Program

In the implementation of the annual session of the MPR in 2017 in the MPR Complex, the DPR and DPD are incomplete because it is not followed by reports on the performance of the President and other state institutions comprehensively.

Supposedly, the sacred, and highly honorable, annual session is best utilized by the president to convey his performance in the past year.

Apparently such expectations are not done. Today, the President only convey information that is normative, as if just want to continue the tradition of the annual session that has been going on for this.

The assessment was submitted by political analyst Siti Zuhro in response to the President's speech before the MPR members on Wednesday (16/8).

According to Siti, the President should deliver all the results of his performance for a year. No matter how small the existing deficiencies or for whatever success has been achieved.

"Of course, the performance report in the era of democracy and openness is not the same as the authoritarian era, so the President should just say how the continuation of sea toll and revolution plan has been launched since it is very open now," said Siti Zuhro.

Without directly conveyed by the President himself, issues such as gaps, justice and legal issues are still apprehensive, it can be seen clearly by the public. Therefore, rather than normative, it is better to speak clearly and openly.

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