Secretary General of FUI Describe the Basic Differences of Islam, Communist, and Capitalist

Islam has fundamental differences with other great ideologies in the world such as Communism and Capitalism.

Thus revealed by Secretary General of Islamic Forum (FUI), KH. Muhammad Al-Khaththath in the Study of Islamic Thought (KPI), Thursday (3/8/2017).

The main differences are among others the concept of belief in life after death or the hereafter. According to him, Communism does not believe in the existence of god and the afterlife, unlike Islam which believes in the existence of god as the creator and the afterlife.

"In the case of death, communists return to materialism, as the materialism doctrine adopted by communism, while Islam believes in the existence of the hereafter and dies back to Allah," said Al Khaththath.

Meanwhile, Capitalism believes in the existence of the Hereafter. However, they are limited to believe that they were created by God. However, God does not govern human life on earth.

"In capitalism, a god is limited to being baptized, married and taking care of death, if in Islam, God is not only the creator but also the maker of Shari'a rules for humans," said the secretary general of the GNPF-MUI.

Al Khaththat asserts that Islam has a very plenary system in regulating human life, from aspects of aqidah, worship, muamalah, and politics. (Release)

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