Rizal Ramli: 40 Percent of Indonesian People Have Not Enjoyed the Meaning of Independence

A patriot can make changes, both from the outside and within the power.

Once affirmed former 66/67 student activist who is now a national figure of movement of change as well as senior economist, Rizal Ramli while giving a public lecture in front of 4,000 Students Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), last weekend.

"From the outside it takes a strong determination and a long time, while through power faster, any Patriot is okay," said Rizal Ramli who is also an alumnus of ITB, Sophia University Tokyo, and alumnus of Boston University US.

The former Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs also explained that change should start from the analysis of economic and social structure. From the analysis is then downgraded into policy.

"So do not use the same generic formula," Rizal Ramli said.

Furthermore, Rizal Ramli argues, if using a historical approach, Indonesia has a lot of progress. However, it is very reversed when using the Human Development Index (HDI) indicator.

"The more educated, our economy is also bigger, certainly can not be denied a lot of progress.Now, unfortunately if using the indicators of Human Development Index, we are relatively left behind," said Rizal Ramli.

He explained that the Human Development Index is used to measure the level of community welfare. The results of Rizal Ramli's research with several Nobel laureates show that Indonesian people are still not prosperous.

"For the past seven years I have been a UN economic adviser, along with three Nobel laureates, we have indexes for the next few years that we (Indonesia) are relatively left behind, number 70. In Southeast Asia we are number four. , Malaysia, Thailand, our new, "he explained.

Rizal Ramli's research shows that only 20 percent of Indonesians are already economically and socially independent. Where, they already have a home, school, vacation, to pay for a personal doctor.

"40 percent below it lives on Thursday, but 40 percent of the lowest under 72 years of independence have never enjoyed the meaning of independence, meaning eating hard, schools are complicated," explained Rizal Ramli.

Rizal reminded the government that the task of the state changed the 40 percent of the bottom so that it could also be independent economically and socially by 2045, or 100 years of independent Indonesia.

"If the top 20 percent we do not have urusin because they can already take care of themselves," said Rizal Ramli.

Therefore, Rizal Ramli invites the community, especially students should soon be able to make changes to a better Indonesia. Changes must be made by all parties, and students have the ability to do so.

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