Pushami: The Prohibition of Wearing the veil for women violates human rights

The Center for Human Rights of Indonesia (Pushami) condemned the ban on student veiled applied to the campus of Pamulang University (Unpam), Tangerang Selatan, Banten.

Chairman of Pushami, Mohammad Hariadi Nasution SH, MH, CLA asserted, the ban is contrary to the principle of Human Rights (HAM). "In Islam wearing a veil is a part of worship for Muslim women, so if the worship is forbidden it clearly violates human rights," said the man familiarly called Ombat to the Voice of Islam Online, Friday (08/11/2017).

He also asked the campus to appreciate the choice of female students to veil. "The veiled woman maintains her stance to avoid slander and does not want to be seen by her nakedness by non-muhrim, that is good," said Ombat.

He also questioned the basis of the ban, according to which the campus regulations should not be contradictory to the 1945 Constitution. "If the campus insists on the rules, they should be aware that their campus is in Indonesia, and the laws in our country guarantee freedom of worship," Ombat.

"And it is only the rules of the campus, the law only if the state against human rights can be revised through the judicial review in the Constitutional Court, let alone just the rules of the campus," he added.

Then, said Ombat, if the campus grounds linked the veil with radicalism, it shows no understanding of religious matters. "The radical standard is where the veiled women, or men in cinkrang and bearded trousers ?, if so even discrimination even Islamphobia," he said.

"So do not be paranoid, campus as an educational institution that should appreciate the difference of understanding and not upside down, veil is prohibited while the open aurat wear sexy clothes even left," said Ombat.

Previously, the rectorate campus of Pamulang University (Unpam) forbade female students to wear veiled hijab. The prohibition is contained in the Decree. Rector Number: 338 / A / U / Unpam / V / 2017. Although in it regulates in general about the layout of lectures. However, there is an affirmation if veiled veils are not permitted for all students.

MCA / SI Online

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