PPP Ask Malaysia to Complete the Cause of the Flag of RI Reversed

The Republic of Indonesia flag placed upside down in the 29th Sea Games guidebook in Malaysia regretted the Chairman of the United Development Party (PPP), Romahurmuziy.

"Things like this then we let it interfere with our pride as a nation," he said in a release sent to the editor, Monday (21/8).

Romi wonder this kind of incident actually happened to Malaysia which basically allied. Supposedly, Malaysia understands very well how its neighbor's emblem is.

"That should not happen," she said.

Therefore, Romi asked the Malaysian government to crack down on the internal Malaysian Ministry of Sports who is responsible for the actions that have angered the Indonesian nation.

Although, he continued, basically Malaysia's Ministry of Sports has apologized.

"I ask the Malaysian sports ministry to do the excavation of this issue because of intentional factors or factors of accident," said Romi.

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