Papuan leader asked for case of Victor Laiskodat processed by law

Law enforcement officers must immediately process the case Chairman of the Parliamentary Party Parties Nasdem Victor Laiskodat in accordance with applicable legislation.

The insistence was conveyed by West Papuan youth leader Thomas Warijo to prevent the problem from dragging on.

"I urge that the matter of Bung Victor is immediately processed by law, it is important that the issue is not widened everywhere," said Thomas in his statement on Thursday (10/8)

Former chairman of BEM Cendrawasih University admitted concerned with what was conveyed Victor. As someone who does not understand Islam, including himself who is a Protestant Christian, Victor should not be too far to talk about Islam as it is about the Khilafah. And what's worse, Victor carries the names of other political parties.

"I am also part of PAN cadre of course very concerned and hot with this behavior of Victor.As a person who is not Muslim but talk about khilafah," said Thomas who is also chairman of Barisan Muda PAN West Papua.

Thomas explained that PAN cadres in both the region and the center are very multi ethnic and religious.

"I as a PAN cadre have never been forced to convert to Islam or support the concept of khilafah because PAN is based on Pancasila," he said.

As a child of the origin of Tanah Papua, he is very proud and supportive that the slogan 'Saya Indonesia Saya Pancasila' is appropriately used every element of society. Because the population and people of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke are very multi ethnic, cultural and religious.

"So, do not let us be boxed and banged against each other.This is important for a harmonious atmosphere is maintained," Thomas said.

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