Muhammadiyah Leads the Bimas Islam

Muhammadiyah Amin was officially inaugurated as Director General of Islamic Community Guidance. His inauguration as the number one man in the environment of Ditjen Bimas Islam was held at 11.30 WIB at HM Rasjidi auditorium, Ministry of Religious Building Building 1 st Floor, Jalan MH. Thamrin, Central Jakarta. Together with other echelon I and II officials, he was inaugurated by Minister of Religion Lukman Hakim Saifuddin in a devout and solemn atmosphere.

For employees of the Directorate General of Islamic Guidance, the name of Muhammadiyah Amin is no stranger. The reason, the man who is also a former rector IAIN Sultan Amai Gorontalo has served as Secretary of the Directorate General of Islamic Guidance since 2012, exactly on August 2. That is why his inauguration as Director General is the right time five years since he started serving in Bimas Islam, no less and no more than a day. A brilliant achievement.

Muhammadiyah Amin was born in Kuala Enok, Riau, August 14, 1963. Serving as a State Civil Apparatus (ASN) since 1990, currently a man who studied Islamic studies from scholars to steal the professor's title is the principal coach with the highest room space IV / e.

Recipient of Lecturer Award of PTAI Lecturer 2003 and winner of International Scientific Award of Lecturer of PTAI 2007 was also actively writing a number of articles in various magazines and journals as well as editing books. His works include 'Ulumul Hadith I-IX published by the Ministry of Religious Affairs (1993), Straight Path to the Heart: Tafsir Surat al-Fatihah (1999), KH. Ali Yafie, Temptation of Fiqh (2001), and Life Once That Means (2003).

He is also one of the authors of the Approaches to the Qur'an in Contemporary Indonesia published by Oxford University Press, New York in 2005, and one of the authors in the Encyclopedia of the Qur'an (2007), I'tikaf in Perspective of the Prophet's Hadith ( 2007), Science of Hadith (2008), and Actualization of Moral and Ethics of National Leadership.

Lemhanas's short education alumnus began his education at the Small Island Primary School in 1975, and continued his education until Strata Two in Ujung Pandang before finally taking doctoral studies in Islamic Studies at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta.

Muhammadiyah Amin is well known for his work, full of rigor and quick speech. The breakthrough of his early career as Secretary of the Directorate General of Islamic Bimas was to boost officer dispirits through a special absence system, where officials were required to sign the absentee sheet in his office.

"This means I have to come earlier than the employees!" He said.

That's quite effective. The frequency of absentee attendance changes significantly to a better direction. After being assessed quite culturally, the system he removed. "Because the goal to apply discipline for employees has been achieved," said Amin in an opportunity.

Related to his disciplined style, Amin added that it was a value that shaped him since young. "I once lived with soldiers, and at 4 am I had to put up a bath full of bathtub for the soldiers."

"I went back and forth with water and filled the bath tub," he continued, "because the soldiers will not take a bath unless the water bath is full," Amin recalls describing the formation of the character of the dispilin that has become his nature up to now.

Besides dispilin, other things he always emphasizes are simplicity, hard work and honesty. As often expressed, while studying in his youth, he passed through with concern.

"We all know how the fate of boarding children, eat enough with boiled noodles, and sleep with makeshift pedestal, which is important to study, can study."


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