Marry Me Although Must Become the 2nd

A friend of mine poured out his heart to me at that moment, long before the issue and term of the perpetrator arose. In essence he is close to a married man. He feels comfortable with her and is willing to be his second wife. So even the father who according to my friend is a figure who understand the religion and characterized by a 'ustadz'. He intends to be serious with my friend to marriage.

This friend of mine needs a second opinion or other opinion for the problem. He felt I was the right person to be consulted. At first I let him vent long time wide with all the reasons he put forward. Once satisfied, I do not need to widen again for advising people fall in love that he said like talking on the wall. I just hope that my friend still has the aspect of rationality to guide him to make wise decisions.

"From all your stories, before stepping in a more serious direction please ask for one thing with the man. Introduce you to his wife as his future wife as well. "

This stage is important. Because if he is a good man, then the position of my friend should be parallel with his first wife. My friend was not married to be a mistress who to meet alone must be stealthy. As a friend and as a woman, I certainly would not be willing to be treated like that.

Really I hope, the man is a real man. His figure that he understood religion followed by the ability to understand and educate the wife. Unfortunately some time later, my friend returned with an unconfident.

    ... Polygamy is sharing happiness, not hurt each other. If anyone is hurt, then make sure not you cause it. No baroque wedding built on the ruins of any other household. "
"He was silent when I asked as you suggested. You're right, he has no good intentions because he does not want to and does not dare introduce me to his wife, "he said wistfully.

"Do not be sad, God willing there will be a good man who is more suitable for you. You have the right to be happy, and the woman's wife is also entitled to be happy. Polygamy is sharing happiness, not hurt each other. If anyone is hurt, then make sure not you cause it. No baroque wedding built on the ruins of any other household. "

Thankfully, my friend did not obey his conscience who seemed to be half in love with the man. Slowly, he refuses to be invited to meet by the man. Honestly, I am personally uncomfortable with the figure of a man who says he understands religion but acts like it is so ignorant. If he does understand religion, why invite me to meet my friends alone? Pretenses in public places such as restaurants as meeting places remain unjustified.

My friend is a woman who has just migrated. He is still studying hijab. No wonder if he missed the figure of a husband who can guide him to more istiqomah in menghamplam. And deserve also if he easily fooled by the display of men who 'ngustadz'. But the goodness of thinking of a person is not seen from how eloquently he postulates, but from the attitude reflected in the deed. And as far as I am told, he is not a proper qawwam figure for my friend.

Until now, my friend is not married but Alhamdulilah remain happy. He currently prefers to occupy himself with his job as a reliable marketing of an original computer software product and quite often sent abroad. Hope me, may Allah soon meet his soul mate. Nature. (Riafariana)

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