Many Artists Troubled with Body Odor

Hollywood celebrities always look gorgeous and steal the show. The beautiful face of the face and the glamor of luxury goods make them seem to be the perfect figure.

However, they are just like ordinary people, who did not escape from personal problems, one of which is body odor. Body odor is a nightmare for anyone who experiences.

What a shame when the body odor to cause protests from many people. As with a row of celebrities Hollywodd, you probably would not have thought if they have a body odor problem. Who are they? Here are some of them as reported by Teen.

Zac Efron

Behind his appearance that looks clean and fragrant, not many people know if he is not the type who likes to clean themselves. This makes her body smell bad.

"Zac is not the type of person who likes to take a bath, it is very dirty because Zac often sports and play basketball all day, then after that he does not bathe," said one reliable source.

And, do not be surprised, Zac is too lazy to clean his body until he often uses wet wipes to remove dirt on his body.

Robert Pattinson

It's no secret if famous actor Robert Pattinson does not like to bathe. In fact, the movie star 'Twilight' is also admitted. In an interview, he admitted if he rarely change clothes. Furthermore, he also rarely bathed and washed his hair.

Kristen Stewart

Just like his ex-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart is also rumored to have an unpleasant body aroma. He admitted the body odor increasingly become when he was feeling nervous.

"When I'm nervous, I can not think, my hands are sweating, so does my body," Kristen Stewart said in an interview.

He also added that he rarely wash his hair and spray perfume, and just brushing his teeth once a day.


It's hard to believe a figure like Beyonce has a flaw in her appearance. Various sources state if the unpleasant smell comes from his mouth. Beyonce likes to consume too many onions so the aroma is quite disturbing the people around him.

Johnny Deep

The problem of unpleasant odor is also experienced by famous actor Johnny Deep. Many stated that Deep always smelled of cigarette smoke. For the needs of romantic scenes in the film, Deep was forced to eat mint candy and use mouthwash to make his mouth better. "I hate it, but I want to make my co-star feel good," he said.

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