Mahfud MD: Johanes Marliem ​​Death Do Not Make E-KTP Case Stalled

The death of Johanes Marliem in the United States who is called a key witness does not seem to be affecting the KPK to dismantle the E-KTP corruption case. The belief was presented by Prof. Mahfud MD, former Chairman of the Constitutional Court who is also an expert in constitutional law.

To reporters when met at Kompleks Kepatihan, Tuesday (08/15/2017) Mahfud uncovered cases of corruption E-ID card is obvious happened because there is a loss of state with a very large value.

According to him, the death of one of the witnesses that Johanes Marliem will not affect the performance of the KPK called having more than 60 other witnesses.

"If you look at the death of Johanes Marliem I'm sure it will not affect because I heard the KPK has more than 60 witnesses for the case of E ID card.It may indeed be a little hamper but it is not possible to make this case stalled, will surely continue and we are thrusted to be thorough because this big money, "He said.

Mahfud believes that the perpetrators of E-KTP corruption will be revealed entirely in the course of the megaproject case.

"It must have caught all, and later on the court duty to imprison the perpetrators, this case must continue to run because other evidence is still much more than 60," he concluded.

The death of Marliem who is the owner of a database provider company in the United States is called quite surprising many parties in the country. Moreover, the man had claimed to have a recording of talks that became very important in unveiling the case of E ID card.

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