KPK Will Watch The Use of Grant Funds

As a precautionary measure in the use of budgetary authority Head of Supervision and Prevention Coordination Task Force (Korsupgah) Region II KPK RI, Asep Rahmat Suwanda asserted, the use of social assistance funds (bansos) or grants must be used according to its allocation.

In addition, the use of grant funds should be avoided by the risk of abuse. Because, as an official institution of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) will always conduct direct monitoring of its use.

"So avoid the risk of fraud or non-transparency or ketidakakuntabilitasan in the report the use of grant funds," said Asep when found in the building Sate yesterday (23/8)

According to him, grant funds should be used in accordance with the original purpose. Thus, what should be avoided is not to have funds flowing to unauthorized parties or for personal or group interests.

That way, in the context of the law is a category of corruption that has the effect of dealing with the law.

"This is a must note. Let us both intend this early to use this grant money for the greatest benefit to society, "he said.

Asep explained, in the context of coordination and supervision, KPK encourages West Java Provincial Government to apply information system so that grant recipients are easier to do accountability report. So, it can be seen from the presentation in pioneer.

"We want this grant to be seen by the wider community to make it easier for the monitoring mechanism," concluded Asep

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