International Workers Union Leads Mission to Indonesia

The International Union International Union International trade union led the mission to Indonesia on 8 - 11 August 2017, to provide support to unemployed workers unilaterally by businessmen PT Smelting and PT Freeport.

The purpose of this mission is to provide solidarity support to striking workers at the PT Freeport Indonesia / Grasberg mine and at PT Smelting, Gresik.

While in Indonesia, Industriall Global Union was accompanied by Chemical, Energy and Mining Workers Union (CEMWU SPSI PT Freeport Indonesia and PT Smelting workers represented by FSPMI Both FSPMI and CEMWU are affiliates of IndustriALL Global Union, to meet with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources And the Ministry of Manpower to help facilitate a resolution at PT Freeport Indonesia and PT Smelting, as well as to strongly highlight the grave breaches of international labor standards and workers' rights.

The mission also seeks to have meetings with company officials in PT Freeport Indonesia and PT Smelting.

In addition, the mission aims to stop the flow of one-sided information from Smelting and Freeport, which raises the information side of workers concerned about the reason for the strike.

INDO's solidarity mission will be attended by leaders of some of the world's most powerful unions. The names of the names to be attended are: Chairman of the Global Mining Sector Union IndustriALL and Secretary General of Mining & Energy CFMEU (Australia) Andrew Vickers; AWU Secretary General (Australia) Daniel Walton; NUM (South Africa) President Piet Matosa USW (North America); Director of International Affairs Ben Davis; Director of Process Industry FNV (Netherlands) Nanny Nuijten; Director of Global Union Industry CampaignALL Adam Lee; Industry OfficerALL South East Asia Officer Vonny Diananto.

Assistant secretary general IndustriALL, Kemal Özkan, said:

"We went to Indonesia to stand behind and defend workers who have been dismissed for exercising their right to strike. And it's not true that CEO Freeport McMoRan says there are no strikes. Because there is a legal strike officially announced, which is now entering the fourth month, "said the assistant general secretary of IndustriALL, Kemal Özkan, through a press release KSPI, Wednesday (09/8).

He further explained that the situation at Grasberg was very serious, Freeport used the strike action as an excuse to dismiss more than 4,000 workers and to weaken Trade Unions.

A very similar situation at PT Smelting in East Java, where workers were also fired for strike action at Grasberg-dependent PT Smelting to perform copper concentrate processing whose shares are jointly owned and operated by Freeport Freeport-McMoRan's / PT Freeport Indonesia and Mitsubishi Materials.

"We will demand that the government uphold the standard of employment in accordance with the rules / labor laws. Workers' rights are trampled. Freeport and PT Smelting can not claim that workers have voluntarily resigned when in fact they were dismissed for exercising their legal right to strike, "said Özkan.

Separately, President KSPI who is also President of FSPMI said that what happened in PT Smelting and PT Freeport proves emergency layoffs. This is what should be prioritized by the government, instead of issuing the Perppu Ormas.

"Currently emergency layoffs, not emergency Ormas," concluded Said Iqbal.

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