Indonesian Parliament: Stop the Rohingya Muslim Massacre

The Plenary Session to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the House was marked by an interruption of human rights abuses in Vietnam.

During the hearing, the Chairman of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), Jazuli Juwaini asked the council members to be concerned about the fate of the slaughtered Rohingyas.

"If today we are the 72nd birthday, we can eat, drink can sing, our brothers (Rohingyas citizens) let alone to eat and sing, survival alone can not be clear without error and their sins children women mothers are massacred inharmoniously and inhumanly with barbaric, "Jazuli said in his interruption in the plenary meeting room, Gedung Nusantara II, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (29/8).

Without intending to intervene against Vietnam, he asked the House leadership to write to President Jokowi to take concrete steps on the fate of the Rohingyas.

Parliament of Indonesia hopes that the Vietnamese government can stop the massacre they are doing.

"Leaders of the House of Representatives please convey to the government to do concrete and concrete steps to stop the massacres in this part of the world especially Rohingya Hopefully after the speech of Mr. Chairman, there are direct leaders who convey to the president to do the concrete steps and concrete , "he pleaded

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