Happened in Central Java! Two Girls Killed For Hairworm Drugs

 A mother and her three daughters in Boyolali, Central Java were rushed to the hospital after using a hair louse. Allegedly due to the hair louse toxicity two siblings are killed, while the girl's mother and one other victim are still being treated in the hospital.

Until Sunday (27/08/2017) Police Boyolali still conduct an investigation into the incident that shocked the Boyolali citizen.

According to police reports, the heartbreaking disaster hit the family of Akir Rutiyani, 35, a resident of Dukuh Tegal Ombo, Kiringan Village, Boyolali District.

The heartbreaking incident started on Friday night (8/25/2017) at around 21.00 pm, Mrs. Akir Rutiyani smeared her three daughters hair with lice medicine. This is done by the mother of three children because of her three daughters, each Klarissa (12) Qoulan Shaqila (9), and Khamila (5) her hair is a lot of fleas.

Perhaps because of the many lice in the hair of these three little girls, all three are embarrassed because they are often mocked by their school friends.

According to Mrs. Miyati, neighboring victims who helped to apply hair fleas, previously Ny Akir Rutiyani has often smeared his son's hair with lice medicine. But the head lice of three little girls did not go away.

Moments after the mother and three of her daughters were taking the medicine of head lice, suddenly they felt headache, nausea and body fatigue. Because conditions continue to deteriorate it makes Suhardi (40) husband Akir Rutiyani panic.

At around 23:00 pm, Suhardi assisted a number of neighbors brought his wife and three daughters to Umi Barokah Hospital. Saturday morning (26/8), Qoulan Shaqilla who was still in third grade elementary school was not helped his soul.

On the same day at around 20:05 pm, Qoulan Shaqila's sister Khamila died. This condition then makes Ny Akir Rustiyani and his daughter Klarissa referred to RS Pandan Arang Boyolali.

Until this news is revealed, the lives of mothers and children can be saved and still in the care of the hospital.

Police Boyolali is still investigating the case of the family who was poisoned the hair lice medication. Police are still searching for the brand or use of the drug.

The bodies of two poor brothers are buried in local TPU, Sunday (27/8).

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