Government Offers 2 Solutions to Victims of Alleged Umrah Fraud

The Ministry of Religious Affairs assures no authority to reimburse candidates for Umrah pilgrims who are victims of the alleged fraud of First Travel travel agency.

"What is the government's authority? And where does the government fund to replace it," said Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Syaifudin at the Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Wednesday (16/08).

According to him, the government does not have any responsibility to the pilgrim funds that have been deposited to First Travel.

Lukman provides two solutions to congress pilgrims with First Travel management related to pilgrim funds that are not clear whereabouts.

"The first is a refund or refund for those who want to return the money, can also dispatch to the Holy Land by rescheduling with other travel agents," he explained.

Lukman asserted that in any case the condition of First Travel management must be responsible for the funds of thousands of prospective Umrah pilgrims who have been paid.

"So, should not be suddenly the responsibility was thrown to the other party It's his responsibility (First Travel)," he added

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