FPI Collect Funds For Palestine

Islamic Defenders Front  (FPI) and the XTC Indonesia motor community in Indragiri Hulu district raised community donations to help the Palestinian people.

This donation fund donation activity was held in Rengat, West Rengat and Pasir Penyu subdistrict, on Sunday (13/8/2017).

"This activity invites citizens to contribute aid to Palestinians who are currently fighting for the existence of Al Aqsa Mosque from the Israeli state attack," said Secretary of FPI Inhu, Ustadz Muhammad Masnoer Al Fatih to datariau.com on the sidelines of fundraising.

The humanitarian solidarity initiative initiated by the FPI of Inhu District was the focus of the community in Rengat City, so that not a few non-Muslims including Chinese citizens also contributed funds.

Similar activities are also held on the East Highway precisely in the vicinity of Tugu Patin Pematang Reba. At this location looks good driver of two wheels, four wheels and even truck drivers participate to give donations.

In the afternoon, FPI Inhu's entourage departed to the city of Airmolek Pasir Penyu Subdistrict, until in front of Japura Airport, the entourage met with XTC Indonesia entourage who also held a fundraising campaign for Palestine.

Furthermore, the XTC entourage with FPI made a joint agreement to the city of Airmolek and carried out the collection of aid together.

The FPI and XTC action in Airmolek also seized the attention of the public, community leaders, religious leaders down together providing assistance to the Palestinian people.

Chairman of XTC Indonesia Inhu, Rizkon admitted that he is proud of this activity received support from FPI Inhu and even supported by Chairman KNPI Inhu Daniel Eka and Vice Chairman of Parliament Inhu Adila Ansori.

The action of granting aid to the Palestinian people will continue. The plan, FPI group Inhu District will carry out the same action in Belilas Subdistrict Seberida and other districts in Inhu district.

source : DR

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