Fahri Hamzah: KPK Fiction Story Just to Attack Parliament

The names of members of the House of Representatives who allegedly received corruption funds procurement projects electronic identity card (e-ID card) disappeared from the indictment of businessman Andi Narogong.

In response, Vice Chairman of the House Fahri Hamzah said that since the beginning of the Corruption Eradication Commission wants to attack the parliament by calling some people's representatives to enjoy money corruption e-ID card.

"That is, it is a fiction made by the KPK to attack the House," he said at the Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (15/8).

Moreover, Fahri also considered the KPK not to use common sense when calling the corruption case is based on the testimony of Burhanudin Napitulu who has died.

"Burhanudin Napitulu is dead, how to ask for clarification from the dead," he asked.

To that end, the fictional stories that were created by KPK should be immediately dismantled.

According to Fahri, the KPK only wants to find a sensation by calling board members receive e-ID card by always delivering it to the mass media.

"If there is news members of the DPR receive money it seems like KPK got a new life," he said.

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