Experience Malcolm X, Pastor's Son at Arafat

Rasulullah SAW in a hadith it says:

It means: "The Hajj is Arafat (wukuf di Arafah) then whoever comes before the dawn prayer from the night jama '(the night of Mudzdalifah who gathered all the pilgrims there) then the perfect hajinya ..." (HR Tirmizi, al-Nasa' I, Abu Daud, Ibn Majah, and Ahmad)

The purpose of the hadith fragment is that the wukuf in Padang Arafat is so important beyond the importance of other Hajj, such as thawaf around the Ka'bah in the Grand Mosque, sa'i from Shafa to Marwah, and so on. One can not be said to have performed the pilgrimage if it does not perform this wukuf. So those who are sick must come to Arafat to stand before they must be guided.

In addition, the wahuf at Arafat is the largest human gathering in the world that takes place every year because on that day all pilgrims from all over the world concentrate on Arafat. In Padang Arafah this is where they meet and pray for Allah's forgiveness and forgiveness. They kneel before God with the same hopes even though they are different in color, race, race, and language. In this field of Arafah also they blend into one in the greatness of Allah SWT.

So the essence of the pilgrimage is the same degree of humanity symbolized in the unmentioned ihram clothing. While the white color of ihram clothes itself depicts their holiness in the presence of Allah SWT. Since the essence of the pilgrimage is equality, it is not surprising that the spiritual experience of the pilgrimage can alter one's perspective. For example, Malcolm X, who was originally very racist, turned into anti-racist after having had valuable experience from wukuf in Padang Arafah.

The experience convinced Malcolm X that everyone was the same. It means everyone is equal. They should respect each other and respect each other even though they may be different in worldly matters, such as social status, color, culture, origins of poetry and so on. The thing that distinguishes between them is the piety of each to Allah SWT. The people who have performed the pilgrimage are expected to have a high awareness of the meaning of this equality. Should not they just forget the meaning of ihram clothes ever worn.

Who is Malcolm X?

Malcolm X is an American black, the son of a Baptist Christian priest, who later embraced Islam after joining an organization called The Nation of Islam. This happened after he had many discussions and read Islamic books behind bars. He was thrown into prison for a robbery case he committed in 1946 when he was 20 years old.

In the prison, he is very interested in the concepts of Islamic teachings. He lived in the days of American racism that lasted from the 17th century until 1964 where at that time blacks were forbidden to mingle with white people. They are treated discriminatively both socially, politically, culturally and economically.

After his release from prison in 1952, he continued to explore Islam and continued to join The Nation of Islam. This organization mainly consists of Afro-American Muslims who struggle to escape from the United States and stand alone as a separate state. In this organization he was elected a spokesperson and often gave lectures or speeches in various forums including in the Asian-African Conference in Bandung in 1955.

Wukuf's Experience at Arafat

In 1964, Malcolm X performed the pilgrimage in Mecca and gained an invaluable experience while performing wukuf at Arafat. Malcolm X was a very hateful person to the whites as a violent reaction to their discriminatory attitude toward blacks. However, he was stunned in Makkah when he found many people who were performing the pilgrimage was white, blond and blue-eyed.

The fact is very surprising himself because in America things like this he did not meet. The thing he knew before his departure to the Holy Land was that Islam was not a religion for white people, but for those who were black like themselves and colored people like Asians.

The highlight of Malcolm X's confusion which then gave him enlightenment was when working at Padang Arafah where he ate a plate with white men. He drank with the same glass as the white men. He rested and slept like a white man. He prayed in congregation with white people. He prayed with the white men.

The whites he encountered on the pilgrimage were the whiteest among the whites. They are the most blue-eyed among the blue-eyed. They're the blondest hair in the blond. But they are all Muslims.

It is here in Padang Arafat Malcolm X realizes that what he understands about Islam as taught in The Nation of Islam has not or is not in accordance with Sura Al Hujurat verse 13 as follows:

Meaning: "O mankind, we created you from a man and a woman, and made you nation and tribe-tribe so that you may know one another.

The word لتعارفوا in the above verse means "to know one another". The word تعارفوا itself comes from the root عرف word which means to know. This is where there is a clear relationship why the padang place wukuf it called Padang Arafah, that is because in this field Muslims all over the world gathered together on the same day and date to get to know each other by interacting with each other.

The sum of the wukuf at Arafat is the wukuf sermon. In every khutbah wukuf, always played sermon Rasulullah SAW he ever conveyed during the implementation of Hajj Wada` about the year 10 Hijriyah. Among the contents of the khutbah of the Prophet is as follows:

"O people, your Lord is only one and your origin is also one You are all from Adam, and Adam is from the ground His descendants, skin color, and nationality, do not make a person better than others The noblest of you on the side Allah is the most pious, the Arab is no more noble than the non-Arab, otherwise the non-Arab are no more noble than the Arabs, nor are the light-skinned people with blacks, and vice versa are black with light skinned people, to Allah."

The contents of the Prophet's sermon on the above remind Malcolm X that the Islam he understands in The Nation of Islam is not in accordance with the Islamic teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Islam turns out to be a universal religion for all nations regardless of skin color. So after Malcolm X's return to the United States and renamed El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, he declared out of the organization and followed Sunni Islam.

Remembered as a Peacemaker

The release of Malcolm X from The Nation of Islam turned out to actually raise his reputation as a figure who called for brotherhood among fellow human beings without racism. His stature almost rivaled President John F. Kennedey's popularity at the time. He appeared as a figure that can be accepted by many, including those who are white. Later he received recognition from the United States government as a figure of peace after the end of political racism in the country.

The name Malcolm X was immortalized to be the name of a street in New York City after he was killed by a bullet on 21 Pebrauri 1965 while he was speaking. The shooting was carried out by a political conspiracy that did not want its reputation to continue to rise to rival other figures in the United States, including figures in The Nation of Islam itself. This young Muslim figure dies at the age of 39. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.

Muhammad Ishom, a lecturer at the Faculty of Islamic Studies of Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama (UNU) Surakarta

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