Execution of Death Penalty Do Not Be Deferred

Commission III of the House of Representatives asked the Attorney General M Prasetyo not much reason about the slow execution of drug dealers who have been sentenced to death and permanent strength.

For the Commission III, if serious Attorney General, the decision of the Constitutional Court (MK), which allows death row filed a judicial review (PK) more than once will not be a hindrance execution process.

"The Attorney General must take firm action. Do not take refuge from the decision of the Court, "said Member of Commission III Syarifuddin Sudding told reporters on Saturday (19/8).

According to this Hanura politician, the new PK may be filed if the death row inmate has novum alias new evidence. If not, the Attorney General should not hesitate to execute the drug dealers sentenced to death who have permanent legal force.

"At the very least, the Attorney General should see the basic reason (death row inmation) filed a PK. If I do not have a legal basis as stipulated in the Criminal Code, I think the PK submission is indicative of stalling. When that happens, yes have taken a firm stance, "he advised.

Sudding indeed deplores also the Court's decision to give room to death row convicts, including drug cases, to conduct PK more than once. Therefore, the Constitutional Court's decision to make the judge's decision in the drug case has no legal certainty.

However, he said, the Attorney General could provide judgments on prisoners who filed the petition repeatedly without legal basis.

"If you do not have a novum and there's no mistake of a judge, I think that's the reason it's made for stalling. Do not we give the room of these death row inmates to make repeated PK efforts that have no legal basis, "he said.

He then injects the spirit to the Attorney General's Office not to be afraid of executing executions to the drug dealers who are applying for the PK.

He said Indonesia should not be afraid to blame other countries if the execution of the punishment has been done correctly.

As is known, throughout 2016 and 2017, the Attorney General has not even executed the execution. In fact, in 2014 and 2015, there are three executions to die for drug dealers. During this time, the Attorney General reasoned, the Constitutional Court's decision on PK may many times be one of the obstacles to carry out the execution.

With his explanation, Sudding hoped the Attorney General would not be a dilemma much less afraid.

"Indonesia is a legal country. Outside countries will appreciate the enforcement of the law that we carry out. In Filpina there is also a crackdown, even without legal process and international protests. But, this is to save the nation, salvage our young generation so that affirmative action should be done, "he said.

He added, law enforcement to drugs is necessary considering the circulation of the goods is so massive. Worse, drugs are actually controlled from Penitentiary.

"So, do not be given a strongly indicated space because those who control these drugs are convicted of the LP. If you already know why we let, "Sudding said

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