DPR Asks Illegal Hajj case to be resolved soon

Commission VIII DPR RI assess, the recurrence of cases of illegal pilgrims departure is the impact of limited quota and waiting time is too long.

"During this time the hajj waiting time in Indonesia is very long, while the interest for pilgrims is very large," said Deputy Chairman of Commission VIII Iskan Qolba Lubis to reporters on Sunday (13/8).

According to him, Kemenag must take various steps to prevent the recurrence of the case. One of them by reducing the waiting time is too long.

"In the country, the Ministry of Religious Affairs should be able to affirm the restrictions on Indonesian pilgrims who have already performed the pilgrimage," said Iskan.

He argues that the limitations of quota and length of waiting time can also be reduced by the government actively lobbying or diplomacy to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Even to the neighboring countries that often left the quota of hajinya each year.

"The government also has to do the diplomacy of the hajj requested the addition of quotas to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and also ask for the remaining quota of the neighboring countries.If the waiting time is very long, similar cases will happen again later," beber Iskan.

To anticipate the long queue time, in the future, planning the departure of Hajj needs to be designed well in advance. Among others by revising the Hajj Law. So that no longer use the system of hajj deposit but a kind of hajj savings with competitive return or advantage.

"We can use a virtual account system with several benefits, such as hajj departure can be planned ahead of time, better BPKH liquidity, reducing the number of elderly worshipers in the future because it is given a special quota, and eliminating trauma queue because it was planned," said Iskan.

On Thursday (10/8), as many as 40 candidates from South Sulawesi pilgrims canceled departed to the Holy Land. Because, they do not pocket the complete and official documents, so they have to return to their respective cities. The mode of pilgrims will make a pilgrimage to Mecca but with the aim of performing the pilgrimage.

Pilgrims have visa documents for pilgrimages, not pilgrimage trips stamped by the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Jakarta. The route to be traveled is Makassar-Singapore-Sri Lanka-Riyadh-Saudi Arabia. From Riyadh, the pilgrims departed to Mecca and Medina by land

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