Development of Banten Fish Seed Center Allegedly Happened Irregularities

The development of fish seeds (BBI) pool that is budgeted in 2016 worth Rp. 1.1 billion managed by the Department of Agriculture Marine and Fisheries Serang considered unclear and full of irregularities.

The results of monitoring on the field of construction of a pond located in Sungak Village Bendung, Kasemen District Serang City conditions are currently apprehensive and unkempt.

Suspicions arise in the development of one of the channels of water and disposal drainage system was done alakadarnya not through irrigation channels.

This is also reinforced the recognition of officers BBI Officer Serang 'Dedi "that the true drainage has not been implemented entirely.

According to him, information due to budget constraints hopefully next year will be continued while for the procurement of Fence and Office of BBI using a different budget with the pool.

Chairman of the NGO, the Anti-Crime Society Movement (GMAKS) "Saeful Bahri" even assess the construction of the BBI pond Allegedly many problems, since the completion of the project we noted there are some items of inappropriate activities, such as work inlet and water drain not completed, Fencing, while the work on the parent pool is still partially.

"Worse yet due to the absence of irrigation water coming into the pond site, resulting in the drying of the enlarged pond as in the picture, this indicates the many alleged irregularities.

He hopes the Mayor of Serang should know and monitor any projects financed by the efforts of the public to comply with taxes.

"Hopefully in the near future we will take concrete steps by reporting these issues to law enforcement officers in order to be investigated thoroughly," he said.

Related to this, the head of fisheries section of the Department of Agriculture and Marine and Fisheries Serang City Ismet explained, that the matter of development has been all sorted and absorbed budget.

Furthermore Ismet explained, this matter was handled by law enforcement in Serang Police up to Kejari Serang but its only limited to clarification on NGO report. (R)

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