Creative Create Application, This Alumni Krapyak Pesantren Gained 4.2 Billion

Era continues to move forward and how to face the times also must change. Innovation in the face of such a shift is absolutely necessary. So the rule of "keeping good old things and taking new things better" must continue to be actualized.

That principle is held by Aris Sofyan, alumni of Al-Munawir Krapyak Yogjakarta alumni of Pesantren. Thanks to his persistence in working, he was able to get into the competition in the digital age.

Aris makes an app concept for smartphones that almost everyone has. From his creativity, Aris and his team managed to get an investment of 4.2 billion for the development of application concepts that have been made.

Business world has been an interest since childhood even though during this he has not found the right business. "The more here because I also have a hobby utak-esp the computer, whether it's coding or follow the development of technology, I just know if startup (IT pilot) that can get big funds from investors," said Aris.

From that understanding, he tried to make the concept of application startup and then offer cooperation to companies in the field of technology and information to develop the application.

The application he made was named Kongkon. Kongkon is an android based application designed to serve all the services needed by the community. Investors see that Kongkon concept is attractive and has a positive prospect. From there finally the investors want to finance the development of this application.

"InshaAllah in the near future Kongkon service applications can already be enjoyed by the community," explained the man who is now CEO of Kongkon this.

From the experience of pioneering the success of the business, Aris, who also serves as Deputy General Treasurer of PP IPNU is to all santri dared to dream to pursue what they aspire to.

"Era now needs people who can read things and innovative. Students who used to live simple and famous as a tenacious person must be able to adapt to the needs of the times, "said Aris to NU Online.

According to him students should make innovations so that students are not considered always out of date and underestimated people who are not santri.

"And most importantly, we must multiply the relationship as our culture, because silaturrahmi launched sustenance," he concluded.

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