Century Bank Case Like Thorn In Meat

Over the years, Bank Century corruption crime case worth Rp 6.7 trillion involving Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati and former Governor of Bank Indonesia Boediono has not been revealed yet. Even the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) seemed silent in the case based on the investigation audit of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) found many irregularities. Moreover, the name of Sri Mulyani has been included in the recommendation of the DPR Special Committee.

As is known, the KPK initially requested the BPK to conduct an investigative audit of this case. However, after the BPK audit findings found many irregularities, and the Special Committee of the House of Representatives recommended to the KPK to continue, it turns out that the anti-breeding audit institution has not proceeded to investigate.

"What is it? Why KPK did not continue, even impressed silence in this case. In fact, from the results of BPK audit and recommendation of the DPR Special Committee, there is no excuse for the KPK to not continue the case of losing the state Rp 6.7 trillion. I suspect the KPK will not face Sri Mulyani in favor of foreigners who have been providing assistance to the KPK, "said Coordinator of the Clean Indonesia Movement (GIB) Adhie M Massardhie to Harian Terbit, in Jakarta today.

The former presidential spokesman asked the KPK not to protect Sri Mulyani and then tried to rescue the Managing Director of the World Bank. "Do not get any impression because Sri Mulyani former World Bank people so should be saved. Moreover, there are growing rumors, the Commission got funding from the World Bank, "said Adhie.

That is why, the Commission should settle the Bank Century case, especially the extent to which the involvement of Sri Mulyani. "It is important that the public knows who Sri Mulyani really is. Do not get the impression that he is 'clean' instead there are attempts to politically orbit him. Also so that there is no impression of KPK as Sri Mulyani's golden child. If this case is not done, it is not wrong if the Commission must be re-formatted as the special committee of the House KPK at this time, "said Adhie.

Will Shelled

Contacted separately, Executive Director of Goverment Watch (Gowa) Andi W Syahputra argued, although the Century Bank case cost the state up to trillions of rupiah, the investigation depends on the KPK and the Attorney General. To follow up the case all depends on the extent to which law enforcement is consistent in enforcing the law of enforcement against corruption cases.

On the other hand, Andi believes the case of Century Bank involving Sri Mulyani will be dipetieskan although his name has been included in the recommendation of the Century Special Committee. The reason, continued Andi, SMI involvement in Century Bank case is difficult to be followed up both politically and legally. So law enforcers ie KPK and Attorney will not continue the case.

"Politically, President Jokowi actually gave a large portion for the SMI with being placed as Finance Minister and even get support by half of legislative members, as well as legally, his name escaped from KPK radar than other names listed in the Pansus Century recommendations," said Andi .


Meanwhile, the KPK has not provided answers related to the development of Century case. The message delivered by Harian Terbit to the Vice Chairman of KPK Saut Situmorang has not been responded. The same thing was done by KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah who has not responded to the confirmation submitted by Harian Terbit.

Bank Century scandal conducted by former BI Governor Boediono and Sri Mulyani (Menkeu) swallow the public money of Rp 6.7 trillion. The case, according to analysts, led to the death of Budi Rochadi in the US, and Siti Fadjriyah for being linked to the Bank Century corruption scandal by the white-collar elite.

In the case of Centurygate, Sri Mulyani finally decided a major policy in question and considered one of the biggest financial scandals in Indonesia. As a result of the decision, the country suffered trillions of rupiah losses due to misappropriation in the flow of funds bailout Rp 6.7 trillion. Due to various political pressures, Sri Mulyani decided to resign from his post as Minister of Finance of United Indonesia Cabinet Volume 2 in May 2010. He continued his career as Managing Director of the World Bank.

The indictment of alleged corruption case of Century Bank for the accused former Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, Budi Mulya, revealed the role of Vice President Boediono. Among others, in the indictment read by the KPK Prosecutor on Thursday (6/3/2014), Boediono as BI Governor at that time was called to sign the amendment of Bank Indonesia regulation (PBI) for Bank Century to meet the requirements of obtaining short-term funding facilities (FPJP).

"The change of PBI on short-term funding facility for commercial banks is signed by Boediono," said the prosecutor KMS Roni when reading the indictment at the Corruption Court, Jakarta.

Determination of bank fails to impact systemic engineering requirements. In addition, Boediono and several members of the Board of Governors of BI also approved the determination of Century Bank as a failed bank systemic impact. In the indictment mentioned that the BI proposal for the determination of Bank Century as a bank failed to affect systemically approved Minister of Finance, Raden Pardede as Secretary of KSSK deliberately change the attachment in the bank failed bank analysis letter signed by Boediono.

Until finally, on November 21, 2008 decided Century Bank determination as a failed bank systemic impact. The decision was agreed in KSSK meeting and Coordination Committee meeting attended by Sri Mulyani as Chairman of KSSK, Boediono as member of KSSK, Raden Pardede as Secretary of KSSK, and Arief Surjowidjodjo as legal consultant.

In fact, in a question and answer session with Sri Mulyani earlier, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners LPS Rudjito said that under normal circumstances should not be included in the Bank Century category as a systemic impact bank. Fiscal Policy Chief of the Ministry of Finance Anggito Abimanyu also said that the systemic risk analysis provided by Bank Indonesia has not been supported by sufficient and measurable data to state that Century Bank could pose systemic risks and more on psychological impact analysis.

In addition, Director General of Taxes Ministry of Finance Fuad Rahmany said that the size of Century Bank is small financially so as not to pose a significant risk to other banks.

Source: Harian Terbit

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