Celebrate Victory, Garuda Sujud Army in Indobatt-03 Field

SPORTS UNAMID Sector West Tournament 2017 has ended and Indobatt-03 officially holds the title as overall winner after securing the most medals with 7 medals (4 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze) is obtained from volleyball, marathon and table tennis and Soldiers Garuda implement Prostrate thanks to the indobatt-03 apple field.

In the framework of the success of the event, Garuda troops were members of Task Force Battalion Composite TNI Konga XXXV-C / UNAMID (United Nations Mission In Darfur) or Indobatt-03 follow the sport UNAMID Sector West Tournament 2017, Dansatgas Battalion Composite TNI Konga XXXV-C / UNAMID Lt. Col. Syamsul Alam, SE

completed the morning assembly presided over the prostration of gratitude together with the soldier Indobatt-03 after winning and winning the whole event, held at the Super Camp, El Geneina, Sudan, Africa, Sunday (13/08/2017).

"This success was welcomed by leaders in Indonesia as well as to thank and award the highest to you for the achievements that success to win the tournament and hope the assignment we were also able to give the best performance and positive," said Lt. Col. Syamsul Alam.

Lieutenant Colonel Inf Syamsul Alam as Dansatgas give appreciation to the winner or champion as a form of attention because it has scent the name of nation and state.

"I will give cash assistance to athletes who excel, it is also to motivate the soldiers were others to excel and let us together prostration of gratitude after the rally this morning, also on our hard work and as a form of gratitude to God SWT, "he added.

After a series of activities the race is over, Dansatgas Indobatt-03 said that faced tujuhbelasan activities, this is also a historic moment for the nation and the country where the event was held in the country of Sudan. "For that I ordered all soldiers to support the event," he said.

Also attending the event were all officers and soldiers of TNI Konga XXXV-C / Unamid Composite TNI Battalion.

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